The Man Knows His Game


This year is one of the best in my career. I’ve worked hard since starting on this path in 1990 and it’s really come together for me as an artist and a business. In all honestly, I owe it to my amazing clients. They support me and encourage me to do my very best. I love my couples and sharing my passion with them is a blessing.

Andrew and Donna, one of my couples from April, sent me an unsolicited letter this afternoon. It totally made my day and put a huge smile on my face. I wanted to share it with you because it comes from the heart and this is why I work so hard photographing weddings.

The man knows his game.

However, as a true pro, he knows he can always learn more…and he does…forever learning, training to perfect his art form – though knows perfection in his art is like grasping a sun mote – impossible.

Ever had the perfect moment but your photographer failed to really BE IN IT and Live and CAPTURE THE MOMENT!

Randy BECOMES the moment with no artificiality, no distractions – he becomes the scene, he becomes your loved one’s/your family/the church/the kids…

He has a pan-determined view, i.e., is able to see everything clearly and from both sides so as he gets it all!

THIS GUY IS NO IVORY TOWER INDIVIDUAL – he has lived a full and active life with the up’s and down’s and thus appreciates what living and life is all about and he completely captures life through his camera.

Most of all, because his attitude, life and spirit are on an upward path – it shows in his work – call it positive, caring, loving, inspirational…

The spirit behind the man behind the camera makes the determination of what shots will be snapped:


That be Randy Kepple

Those are very hard words to live up to, but I’m thankful they felt strongly enough to take the time and write to me. I am truly blessed to be a part of their lives. Thank you Andrew and Donna, continued best wishes in your new life together!

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  1. Tammy

    No one has ever said it better! You are amazing, as a photographer, husband and father! But you forgot to thank the little people…Ahem! Behind every good man is a great woman…remember? Love you with all my heart!

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