London Day 10 – London Loves, It’s Time to Say Goodbye

A man who is bored of London is a man who is bored of life. For sure, in London you are either in or you’re out. There is no way to engage halfway. I could spend the rest of my life here and not see it all. Such an incredible city and the end of an amazing adventure.

As I sit here in my hotel room, my home away from home for the past two weeks, I am filled with mixed emotions. My room is on the eighth floor facing Strand, which is a main artery through West London. I’m going to miss the sound of the people walking and the buses and taxis putting me to sleep. But most of all, I am going to miss my new friends.

My plane leaves at 6 AM and the Tube doesn’t start operating until 6:30, so I hired a car to drive me to Heathrow, leaving the hotel at 3 AM. Apparently, there is no time to sleep today. The final farewell party, with all the hugs and reminiscing begins in less than an hour. I will be packing on my way to the airport.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been blogging once a day, a challenge to myself to share this gift with you. To bring you along on the adventure of a lifetime and perhaps make you smile, give you some insight into the life of an artist in transition. I know there are people who have much harder lives and others who don’t, but I wanted to do this to inspire. To let you know that life is hard, but there are definitely blessings along the way. You have to engage and embrace your life, each and every day.

There is no need to fill you in on anything, as you’ve been there for the entire journey. I do however, want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to be here. First and foremost, the Kim Komando radio show and her incredible staff. They are the heart and soul of this adventure. They read my essay and sat down to brainstorm and give me direction and hope.

I also want to thank their sponsors, Carbonite, iStockphoto and the Sony World Photo Expo for bringing it all to life. iStockphoto is stuck with me now and hopefully, it’s the beginning of a new career and an opportunity to support my family with hard work.

Last and certainly not least are my dear and beloved new friends from the London iStockalypse family. I have never seen such a family of photographers devoid of ego and bravado. They are down to earth, warm, friendly and truly genuine. Everyone supporting each other and celebrating each other’s successes. It’s truly a team effort and that is something I’ve been lacking for a long time as a commercial and social event photographer.

Thanks for following along. I hope you have found this interesting, inspiring and hopeful. I will certainly keep all of you posted as this moves forward. I have no expectations that my life will change overnight. That, truly is the hardest part. Facing the reality of bills that need to be paid and a lack of work where I live. But I remain confident and hopeful that all will work out as it already has.

Finally, to my devoted and loving family. My wife and three girls. They have all been completely supportive and having their father/husband gone for two weeks is difficult. (At least I’d like to think so). They may actually have enjoyed a break from me. Who knows.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world is an amazing place and as different as we all seem to be, we are really not so different. I was trying to think of a way to end this trip with a photo and as I walked into the hotel for the umpteenth time, I laughed at the cheerful and proper English door man Frank Williamson. He’s famous you know. And if you ever stay at the Strand Palace Hotel on Strand in West London, you’re sure to see him. Tell him Randy sent you and that he’s famous!

Bon Voyage my friends. Blessings and Peace.

iStockphoto event in London England

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  1. Fred Von During

    Damn! Randy I really wanted to follow every day and make a comment, but have failed. I have continuing problems and also momentary although long hours of forgetfulness a product of 3 strokes. I am just now getting back and your hopefully home safe and sound! I am going to look at all of your stuff again and I have to say “your the man” and Kim did you good. Your pictures tell all and your wonderful after hours work of describing events your language and communication abilities have made the trip for this old man! It’s just as if I went for the ride! Take care my friend and excuse me if I repeated myself anywhere as I have been known to do that! Please feel free to FB or e-me anytime, e-address should be somewhere or FB a msg and I can msg you back with the e-address! My regards to your family and the great show you have provided!!

  2. Bob Hackler

    Great job of joining us all together on your adventure. I’ve really enjoyed each of the posts and look forward to hearing how the adventure continues for you.

  3. Randy…what a pleasure to meet you and drive you crazy. You are a true talent and iStock is most fortunate to have you as a contributor. Look forward to seeing you again as well as your work. A true inspiration and a tremendous talent!!! You rock!!!

  4. Randy,
    Your photos of our wedding on the beach are the finest wedding shots I have ever seen. They are proudly displayed in our home and receive numerous compliments by all our guests. The shots you took are precious memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks.

    Good luck in your new endeavors. If your iStockphoto photos are as good as your wedding photos you will do great and they will be lucky to have you.

    Best regards,

  5. Chris… I am so happy to hear from you! And thank you for the wonderful compliments.The fact that you guys are enjoying your images and they are a touchstone of memory is exactly what I strive to provide. Your words are music to my ears! I hope my venture in stock photography is profitable, challenging and rewarding. I am so thankful for the support of friends and clients like you. 🙂

  6. Mat

    OK, I’m officially intrigued. I just tuned in and will read to find out more.

    I do seem to recall a conversation or two about micro-stock and it’s potential with you 🙂 I’m curious about the appeal to I-Stock for you. I’ll give you my .02 on them in private some day if you are interested.

    Safe Travels my friend!

  7. Mat! How nice to hear from you! It’s been a long time my friend. You and I should definitely connect and talk about all things stock. A friend of mine sent me a very interesting infographic about stock photography. Check it out:

    Always interested in talking with you Mat. Call me any time!

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