Cinematic Wisdom – The End is in the Beginning

My mornings begin with a cursory glance at The Columbian ending with the horoscopes. Today’s words of wisdom rang with the resounding sound of truth.

You have vision and talent. In stolen moments, you dream of your destiny. Someone might say you can’t do it. That’s the first sign that your desire is worthy of you.”

Never mind that there are thousands of other readers with the same wisdom dappled into their lives, this one is mine and I’m owning it. This year is about change and about growth as an artist. That growth comes at a price and I keep reminding myself that we are never given more than we can handle.

Part of that growth comes from inspiration and for me, movies are a continual source of inspiration. Two years ago, I wrote a post called Cinematic Wisdom. In that post I wrote about the one line in every movie that gives you pause. From a movie I watched last night called Feast of Love comes this wisdom by Morgan Freeman’s character.

“Listen, we just gotta stay alert. Everything we need to know is going on right in front of our eyes. Yeah, we have our illusions about people, our hopes—and they can blind us. But the end is always right there in the beginning.”

Love, like art, is a process. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Along that journey we find out about ourselves. What cinematic wisdom has inspired you?

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  1. Randy,

    Okay here is one line from the movie “Jack Frost” staring Michael Keaton. The premise was the father (Michael), can’t keep his promises to his son then dies suddenly in a car accident. One year later, he returns as a snowman (crazy huh?) and has the final chance to put things right with his son before he is gone forever.

    Not one of the best movies I have seen for sure. Although in one scene I remember some of the most profound words in a movie. While sitting on the bed of his sleeping son just before he (Michael) was to vanish away forever says these words. “Here I was trying to make my mark on this world, and now I realize that you are my mark on this world”.

    Wow – what a line for a parent to hear.

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