Leap and the Net will Appear

Each year begins with a promise of new beginnings. We set goals and challenge ourselves to do better. Transitioning from one year into the next brings the opportunity to mark time and renew ourselves. “Leap and the net will appear!”

Quotes are a favorite obsession of mine. I find inspiration from the meditation of simple quotes and phrases. A friend of mine recently sent this to me and it struck a chord.

“So it is that every person you meet, each soul who crosses your path and affects you wonderfully and terribly, briefly or for a lifetime is here for that reason, and every relationship you engage in is but a small scene in a vast, ever-unfolding human panoply that is being endlessly enacted for the purpose of your soul’s development. When you recognize this, you will suddenly, breathtakingly see that each person has been brought to you with a high and elegant purpose, that each soul has come to touch your soul and teach it, that each relationship exists to hasten your own soul’s beautiful awakening. No longer is anyone a stranger; no longer can any of your relationships be seen as failures or mistakes.”

[with permission from Daphne Rose Kingma, The Future of Love, Doubleday]

This new year promises to be full of surprises and growth. I am both excited and fearful. Excited to see how my vision grows as I journey through the year and fearful that I will fail. We are only limited by ourselves and fear is a constant. I will work to overcome my fear and trust the process. Happy New Year!

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  1. Tammy

    I can’t wait to see what 2008 brings you and us! It’s exciting and if we can tune out all the negativity that we read and hear each day, maybe we can alleviate some of that fear! Let’s jump, like we always do!

  2. amber

    that quote is amazing. i absolutely love it.

    once again, i find your posts heartwarming and eloquent. 🙂

    …and i love the picture! (the series of them is GREAT!!!)


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