Widmer Brothers ’06 NW Red Ale – World’s Best Beer?

Widmer Brothers ’06 Northwest Red Ale
A moderately strong, dark red ale. The generous use of citrusy hops provides a tangible but not excessive bitterness that ultimately erodes into a candy-like malty sweetness and quick finish. Caramel and chocolate malts provide complexity, an enticing color, and subtle dark malt flavors. Stealthy alcohol content. And that is not an understatement.

Alright, I didn’t write that but it sounds good, huh? This time of year my thoughts turn to red wine and I’ve been fortunate to live close to a grocer that employs a very knowledgeable wine steward. Beer is a summer drink for me and there’s nothing like it. Mowing the yard for a couple of hours in the heat of summer and finding a frosty mug full of ice cold beer is the perfect day. Add some Kansas City barbecue and we’re talking heaven on earth.

I used to make beer when I lived in Seattle and the Northwest is home to some world class brew pubs. Part of our lifestyle is the vast array of beers that permeate our culture. I enjoy a good beer. My friend asked if I’d tried the Widmer Northwest Red, a seasonal ale and I decided to give it a try. All I can say is this beer is one of my favorites right now, aside from McMenamin’s summer Kolsch. After a couple of these beers, I was inspired to pull out a homemade lens that I created from an optical quality Rodenstock loupe. This loupe was used to view slides, but those days are long gone so it’s being put to better use. I’ve modified the glass elements so that I can use it with my digital camera body as a lens. It flares and the focus is wonderfully unpredictable. What’s your favorite beer?

Widmer Northwest Red Ale

Widmer Northwest Red Ale

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  1. Tammy

    Kolsch in the summer…mmm memories of McMennamins patio on a hot, August evening! Nothing better.

    Hefeweizen or Blonde Ale. Anything light and crisp. No more Coors Light for this California girl. You’ve turned me into a real beer snob. That’s why it’s so hard to lose the little pouch in my tummy. Thanks dear.