The Movie 300

For months I have been anticipating the release of the movie 300. As stunning and visually inspiring as the trailers are, for some reason, my wife was not as anxious as I to see this movie. Fortunately, my friend James was up for a screening and I decided the only place to experience this movie was at Cinetopia Theater, a new state of the art digital theater right here in Vancouver that I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. Be sure to visit their site and read about this incredible theater, which will save me from boring you with all the geek stuff.

A long time ago James told me that every “first” in his life was marked by a special memory. I’ve carried that forward into my own life as well. I wanted my first experience in this perfect viewing environment to be memorable. Sharing this movie with a dear friend… is a first I will not soon forget. Amazing and jaw dropping are the only words that readily come to mind.

The movie 300 is an operatic treatment of the battle of Thermopylae, visually based on the historically inspired graphic novel by Frank Miller. Film critic for the Arizona Daily Star, Phil Villarreal, reviewed 300 as a monumental masterpiece. Honestly, there isn’t much more I can add to his review.

The Movie 300
I was completely drawn into the archetypal story of the Spartans. Some might argue that there wasn’t much plot, but I would simply call this movie visceral. It’s a story of duty and honor and passion. I had the same feeling from watching this movie that I’ve had when watching any of the Star Trek or Star Wars movies. Visually stunning, perfectly composed compositions, the camera draws you into another world. This movie is everything a movie is supposed to be and it sticks with you for days.

The Movie 300
Movies inspire me. Watching how they visually tell a story, how they compose the frames and how it’s all lit and put together. And they can never turn the camera vertically. Every frame is composed horizontally. I’ve often wondered if I could photograph an entire wedding horizontally and solve the creative challenges of space, light and form.

The Movie 300
This movie will makes it’s way into my eclectic collection of movies when it’s released on DVD. In the meantime, I may have to journey to the east side of Vancouver one more time to revel in this graphic story of passion. I’m sure there are women who will enjoy this movie, but it was hard to find one at the screening I attended. That’s alright with me. It’s nice to take a break from romantic comedies, suspenseful dramas and go right for the jugular.

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  1. Sarah

    Glad you finally made it over to Cinetopia! I saw this movie opening night and you summed it up perfectly : visually stunning, perfectly composed. The artistry of this movie was breathtaking. And I’m a girl! 🙂