The Man Behind the Microphone

If you’ve listened to Portland, Oregon radio over the past 15 years, then chances are you’ve heard the unmistakable voice of Tim Taylor. Recently hired by a Portland FM station, he needed publicity photos for their website and marketing. I was given a rare glimpse of the man behind the voice behind the microphone.

Our paths crossed nearly 5 years ago when Tim was filling in for a DJ at a wedding I was photographing. From the moment I met him, we were fast friends. Tim is a poster child for ADD (in a good way). He has an infectious energy, a love of music and a passion for life that is rare. As radio stations become more and more automated, it’s tough for on-air personalities to find work. Since I’ve known Tim, he’s been a morning personality on three radio stations, delivered traffic and weather updates every 10 minutes to a multitude of stations and even a guest DJ for Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo radio station.

It may seem like quite a stretch going from Cabo Wabo Radio to adult contemporary Christian radio, but if you knew Tim at all, you’d know that he’s finally come home and has found his calling. His show airs from 6 AM to 10 AM, every Monday through Friday. For this photo session, I was given access to Tim during a live broadcast. It was amazing to watch one person running a major radio station. He has no engineer, no interns or backup. It’s just Tim, a microphone and tons of power. Watching him answer the phone while a song was playing, set up the next song, cue up traffic reports, cut and edit snippets of conversation and still have the presence of mind to talk off the top of his head on air was an incredible experience. A consummate professional.

A funny story to share. When I arrived at the radio station, it was early in the morning. Morning traffic was just hitting it’s prime. The radio station is in an office building, shared by three other stations. Walking down the hallway, you can see Tim working through a window of thick glass. There are two security doors and a lobby between the front entrance and the radio booth. As no one was in the office that time of day, I had to wave my arms to catch his attention. He cued up a song and dashed out the door and into the lobby. Running across the lobby, he opened the door saying we only had a couple of minutes before the song was over. As he said this, the first door clicked shut and Tim realized he didn’t have his keys! Panicking slightly (talk about grace under pressure), Tim was able to get the attention of a DJ from another radio station who quickly came over and let us in. I can only imagine how difficult it would have been to explain dead air for one of the major radio stations in Portland during the rush hour commute!

Be sure and check out Tim’s show. Give him a call and stay tuned for some fun marketing materials from our shoot. I’d tell you about them, but I don’t want to steal the thunder from the promotions department! Best wishes Tim and congratulations!

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  1. Tammy

    I think you captured Tim perfectly!

  2. Tim

    It was a pleasure working with you Randy! You are a great person, a good friend and a wonderful photographer. See you soon!!! Tim

  3. Randy

    Thanks Cory!

    That image was not part of the original job. I didn’t bring studio lighting to pull it off, so this was being creative in the moment. One Canon Speedlite that was propped on a box to camera left. I was happy with the results. Simple and powerful.

  4. Heather Sharpe

    He kind of looks like Brad Pitt … Is that your magic camera or is this true? I will have to check out the show 🙂

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