The Blank Canvas

The greatest challenge facing any artist is the blank canvas. The vast empty void of nothingness. Full of potential, the energy of possibilities. All that’s needed is inspiration, that creative mortal coil that is so easily blocked. With this entry, my journey has begun. A first step on what I hope is an inspiring path full of surprises and inspiration.

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  1. I wish to be your inspiration.

  2. Good for you! It is a challenge and a risk putting it all ‘out there for the world to see’ But the greatest rewards come from the greatest risks (not my original idea). I hope that this journey lends its creative aires to your quest. May you be inspired and blessed with all possibilities that you can possibly handle, and then a couple more just to keep you on your toes.


  3. Randy,
    Just imagine all your critics in their underware, trust me, you will feel emboldened.

  4. Hey randy, great site and I think you work is excellent, especially the commercial, cheers mate brian carr

    Attaboy! Good luck !
    Alex Sanekopolidis

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