The Art of the Walkabout | San Antonio, Texas

If you stand there long enough, still your thoughts and breathe—you can almost hear the voices. The real power of photography is it’s ability to isolate and preserve a moment in time. Isolate all the distractions of life in the modern age and not only preserve a moment, but perhaps pull you back in time.

There is so much beauty and history all around us. We get distracted with the allure of technology. It’s a real challenge to find any place that isn’t filled with noise. Standing in the middle of a structure that was full of life in the 1700’s, I was inspired to immerse myself in quiet exploration. To visually explore the remaining history and light that was very similar to the way it was centuries ago.

Standing in the middle of these Old San Antonio Missions, I couldn’t help but wonder how different life was back then. So much art and detail in the doorways. The comfort of wood, stone and clay. A life of honest simplicity. The pride of an artisan, the honor of hard work.

I’ve always wanted to see the Missions, and once I saw one, I had to see them all, including the Alamo. Driving around all day long, exploring wherever I was led. Yes, I got lost, but that is the fun in exploring. When it was time to head back to the hotel, I simply turned on the GPS and let this amazing technology we take for granted, guide me home.

This was my first time in Texas. I know— laugh if you will, but it’s true. It reminded me of my hometown, Kansas City (Missouri). Old buildings with wonderful art deco that you’d never see in our modern world. A pastel, desert color palette that is vibrant and drab at the same time. Dusty, hot and rich in history.

All of these images are single exposures (non HDR) RAW files on my Canon 5D camera using a Canon 16-35 II wide angle lens. RAW conversion was accomplished in Adobe Lightroom 3 and minimal post production in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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  1. Brian Laurent

    Great shots Randy. I like how your quiet, thoughtful prose matches the imagery. They go together beautifully.

  2. Randy

    Thanks Brian! There is a sense of stillness when looking at the images, but in some of the Missions, there was a definite urban presence on the other side of the walls. Lots of traffic, buses, trucks. I’m thankful that my camera does not capture sound!

  3. Bob Hackler

    “The angels keep their ancient places,
    Turn but a stone and start a wing.”
    F. Thompson

    Nice shots Randy.

  4. Randy

    I really like that Bob! Thanks for sharing that with me! I know this is near your stomping grounds, well closer than I am on any given day… I really enjoyed Texas. I hope to visit again sooner than later!