Storytelling. It’s a Lie That Tells the Truth

“I don’t know about truths. A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells, the less you know.” (Rachael Weisz) in The Brothers Bloom.


Art walk in the city of San Antonio, Texas. © Randy Kepple Photographs


Portland, Oregon Park Blocks. Image courtesy of © Mark Kegans Photographs


Portland, Oregon. Image courtesy of © Jamie Bosworth

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  1. Jennifer

    Man I love that photo (yours of course)! The content, the crispness. It tells me that “Yes, there is a way out…”
    Nice work.

  2. Steve Z

    Love the street shots, especially the first one!

  3. Gary C.

    I found this title very intriguing, so much said with so little words.

    Image #1 is truly one of your best B&W personal works I recall ever seeing from you. It has a very classic feeling to it and I think it would ruin it for me if I ever saw it in color.

    I also love the impression of movement Jamie captured in image #3. It’s a perfect balance of vision and technique coming together.