Stephanie and Josh – Maui Hawaii Destination Wedding

Whenever Josh is gone for a day or a week, a month, whatever, I always miss him. I found I have this habit of going through all our pictures, both wedding and engagement, that we got from you. The best part is Josh told me he does the very same thing. We both have many other pictures that we’ve taken ourselves, but we love the ones you took too much! Your pictures continue to touch us and bring back the love and connection that we share even when we are apart. —Stephanie

Maui Hawaii Destination Wedding

If I followed curent trends, I would have shared this wedding a month after it happened. Immediacy is the sales pitch, and to a certain extent, the demise of the modern artist. A society obsessed with consuming and moving quickly forward. Why not savor these moments! Sit with them just a bit longer. By waiting, I feel images are more special, somehow.

From the moment I met these two, they shared their hearts with me. Stephanie and Josh are beautiful people— lovers and friends who have an easy going nature to their relationship. When they asked me to be a part of their wedding story on Maui, Hawaii, I was blessed and honored to share that with them.

The ceremony took place at sunrise, in the presence of family, on the beach. The stillness of the morning, pierced by the warmth and coral colored light of the rising sun. A spectacular moment, quietly intimate. Absolutely perfect.

Traveling to Maui was a crossroads in my life and career. A defining moment, the impact of which I have yet to comprehend. As ominous as that sounds, it’s true. The culmination of a lifelong journey to learn how to create images that are authentic, not a projection of what I think they should look like. Capturing the essence of a relationship—a reflection of myself. Images that connect you to that moment, even after years have passed.

Finding a couple like Stephanie and Josh was more than serendipity. My first visit to the Hawaiian islands. Being able to share that journey with my family. The memories of a lifetime.

Congratulations Stephanie and Josh! Blessings for a lifetime of happiness together. And Josh… from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your service to our country. It’s your selfless devotion to the best ideals of our country that allow me the freedom to pursue the passion of my heart. Being able to share that with you, was a great honor!

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  1. Jamie Bosworth

    Sweetest color to go with the sweetest praise from Stephanie… very fine, Mr. Kepple.

  2. Paul

    There is no doubt that having the opportunity to document a wedding (and especially a destination wedding) is a true honor. As an artist, being compensated for your style or vision, is the highest level of respect. In exchange for this opportunity, the right type of wedding photographer “steps up to the plate and delivers.” And that is clearly what has happened here. Not only do these images depict a beautiful couple in love (amongst an incredible setting), but they also depict an artist who is truly pushing himself to produce the absolute best work possible. The result is exceptionally strong work. The creamy tonalities and warm tones give this work an incredible tenderness that is classic, timeless, and real.

  3. Randy

    Paul, I’m hiring you to write my publicity materials! Thank you (Jamie too) for the heartfelt words. I respect both of you so much, and am continually inspired and pushed by your unwavering support.

  4. Chris

    I love the pictures of the two of them on the beach! Were the last couple shot the next day?

    @ Paul. After you get done writing Randy’s materials let me know so I can have you write mine.

  5. Randy

    Chris… Thanks! All of these were captured on the same day with the exception of the rehearsal photos. After the wedding ceremony, we drove around the island to various locations and had the time of our lives. Such a beautiful couple! Yes.. have Paul write something for you! 🙂

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