Sonja’s Portland Senior Portrait

Armed with a camera body and my favorite lens, I walked out the door to meet Sonja. My self imposed challenge was to find beautiful, natural light and not use any artificial lighting. For that, I enlisted the services of a friend to come along and lend a hand with a reflector. Thankfully, he works for pizza and beer. It’s nice having friends who are willing to drop everything and lend a hand.

Photographing seniors is one of my favorite things to do. They are willing to try anything, open to having fun and sharing in the creative process. It’s an opportunity to push myself creatively and try new things that just don’t work at a wedding.

Sonja was an absolute delight to work with. As we moved from location to location and Sonja relaxed and got into the shoot, the images kept getting better and better. We found an old trailer sitting in a parking lot that was the perfect backdrop for a Quentin Tarantino inspired idea floating in my head. There was a fire burning nearby, so the direct sunlight was diffused with a nice, warm softness. I don’t like shooting in direct sunlight, but challenged myself to make this work.

Congratulations Sonja! Enjoy that last year of high school as your life is about to change forever. Here are a few of my favorite images from our session. Thanks again JP for lending a helping hand!

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  1. Tammy

    Your senior shoots are so incredible! They are so fun to see! Can’t wait for Kara’s!

  2. Marco

    This are great man! I guess you need to keep JP around. Also, the back lit images ended up being my favorites.
    Kansas City BBQ is still an option, any time you are around.

  3. Fritz

    Great set of high school senior portraits, Randy. I love the use of urban color! And I think this is the first set of senior portraits I’ve ever seen (I know I haven’t taken any like this) using both Razor Wire and an old travel trailer as compositional elements! Nice work.


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