My Life. My Card.

Children are truly one of God’s greatest gifts to us mere mortals. Yes, they can be challenging, but there are moments that are, well…priceless. For instance, take the current American Express, My life My card, ad campaign. There are a number of these ads running in national magazines featuring celebrities. Each installment of the campaign unfolds in an intimate, narrative format, with a storyline that reflects the places, causes, achievements and avocations meaningful to the individuals featured. The campaign is about the connection and relationship between American Express and their Cardmembers.

Recently, this campaign was extended to further reveal the personalities featured in the ads. Select ads were run with a questionnaire featuring categories including childhood ambition, perfect day, and alarm clock, all personally answered by the featured celebrity and printed in their own handwriting, to help further demonstrate the things both extraordinary and relatable in their lives. Most recently, American Express began running blank questionnaires alongside the print ads to allow consumers to tell their own stories and this is where my daughter comes into the story.

My life My Card ad featuring Ken Watanabe

My Life My Card with Ken Watanabe

My life My Card ad featuring Kate Winslet

My Life My Card with Kate Winslet

Looking through a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine I discovered that my 7 year old daughter, Kaylee, had filled out one of the blank American Express pages. What makes this so funny is A) she took the time to fill this out and B) she never told anyone she filled it out. She wants so bad to be grown up.

I was exhausted when I came home from my wedding last night and before I went to bed, my wife and I were talking about our days. She told me some funny things that Kaylee did and it made me remember what I’d found. I immediately ran and grabbed the magazine and read it to my wife. I’ve never seen her laugh so hard in my life! It was so cute and so innocently child-like that you couldn’t help but laugh.

My Life My Card with Kaylee

In case you can’t read the answers in the photographs, let me share with you my daughter’s answers.

My name is: Kaylee Kepple
Childhood ambition: to sing
Fondest memory: going to Long Beach (even funnier since she’s never been there)
Soundtrack: ? (she didn’t understand what a soundtrack was)
Retreat: any beach anywhere (copied from Kate Winslet’s page)
Wildest dream: where my mom was on fire (this one just about killed my wife)
Proudest moment: where I saved a kitten (this never happened aside from her incredible imagination)
Biggest challenge: where we had to race
Alarm clock: my mom
Perfect day: Sunday going to a party
First job: ?
Indulgence: chocolate (another plagiarism from Kate’s page, although this is entirely true)
Last purchase: ?
Favorite movie: The Incredibles
Inspiration: ? (she could have said her dad)
My life: is wild
My card: American Express (we really should win something from American Express for the brain washing they’ve subjected my daughter to)

Cost of a good belly laugh with my wife… Priceless

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  1. Tammy

    Thank you for giving me this amazing child where each day is like an adventure. She truly is a gift and I’ll be someday she will be famous and American Express will be knocking on her door to be in one of their commercials. She’s just practicing!

  2. cathy

    I use this as an introduction in my classroom at the start of the year. The students also make collages about themselves to hang next to their answers. I did switch the tag line to my life, my future though.

  3. Rick

    Hi, great site. Not sure if you can help me, but I’m trying to find the “My Great Dream Is: Unfinished” video that took top honors in the 2006 “My Life. My Card.” 15 second video contest. I can’t track it down on youtube like sites and the original site has been deleted. Any ideas?


  4. Randy


    Thanks for taking the time to come and visit the blog. I hope you add my blog to your RSS reader!

    I have not heard of the video contest you are trying to locate. Perhaps someone reading this blog will know. If you can’t find it on Google or Bing, I’m not sure what to tell you.

    Wish I could provide you with a link. Let me know if you find it, I’m interested in seeing the videos!

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. Christian Jensen

    Why is it that children are born with a fantastic imagination but then they start school and slowly they’re trained to think like everyone else?

    With an imagination like that and a creative father like you, I predict a future in writing.

  6. Randy

    Thank you Christian! She will be the one in the family to watch, that’s for sure!

  7. Harry Who

    I love it. Alarm Clock = My mom. Priceless. 🙂