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While in Seattle, I had the opportunity to visit my friend Mat Hayward. A talented photographer who shoots weddings, sports (Seahawks), contributes to a stock agency, volunteers at the zoo, manages McGrath’s Fish House, in addition to raising two daughters and being married to a beautiful woman. He’s a very busy man!

We were discussing how fortunate we felt to earn a living doing something that we enjoyed so passionately. I laughed and asked him to define earning a living. I was humbled that he could do so much with his life and manage his time. He shared his dream of becoming a photographer full-time—that it was the hardest way to make an easy living. This made me think— is living your dream only for a select few or can we all realize our dreams? I’d like to think that we can all live our dream. Here’s six tips to help you live yours.

1. Create a Great Purpose – The greater the reason you have to live your dream the greater your motivation. Think of those who have achieved greatly in their lives. Their purpose wasn’t limited by a personal agenda but by a purpose which was far greater than themselves. A few years ago I had the honor to musically lead Sir Bob Geldof into a conference. During his keynote speech he spoke about how Live Aid began. He said, our goal was to raise $75,000 to help feed people in Africa. Now millions and millions of dollars later we’re still doing it. Create a great purpose for your dream – world abundance, world peace, feed the world, make poverty history or whatever resonates deep within you, almost as if you were born for this purpose to be realized.

2. Explore Your Dreams – What are your talents and gifts? What are you deeply passionate about? What do you love? Everyone has talents and gifts. Everyone has unique contributions to make to our world. However, if we just follow everyone else’s lead hoping to be liked and approved of, we may miss our calling. Ask yourself, what do you truly love doing? Do you lose track of time when you’re doing this? Would you do it even if you never got paid?

3. Create a Vision – Get a blank sheet of paper. Now imagine anything is possible. Draw a vision for your ultimate dream, one that feels absolutely fantastic! It’s the feelings that will energize your vision into reality, so let them soar! Put that vision somewhere you will see it daily and reconnect with those feelings as if your dream is already true.

4. Take guided action – There is an intelligence within the universe that keeps the planets in their orbits, ensures the sun rises daily and can also manifest your dreams. What do you need to do? Let go of the need to figure how your dream will happen, trust the infinite intelligence of the universe and watch for opportunities that arise. These opportunities may come to you, or your intuition may urge you to take guided action. Whichever way they show up, gently seize these opportunities!

5. Give Thanks – A thirteenth century philosopher, Meister Eckhart once said if the only prayer we ever said in our lives was thank you, it would be enough. Never cease to feel gratitude for the manifestation of your dreams. Your feelings of gratitude are the energy which fuel the magical manifestation of your dreams. No matter how slow or fast the progress, celebrate every step of the way!

6. Your Greatest Gift – Finally and most importantly remember that even if your dream doesn’t come true, be forever grateful for the greatest gift of all, the gift of your precious and unique life. And know that this world is a better place because you have dared to live your dream!

shared with permission from Sean M Kelly B.Sc Dip (Appl.Sc) Mast NLP

May your most fulfilling dreams come true…

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  1. Your better half

    I hope you put this into practice and realize your dreams, my love!

  2. Shelly Davis

    Bravo Randy!
    Very wise words and as anyone can see you live by them, through the wonderful pictures you take and the true beauty you capture of people and things. You have such a true talent with that camera in your hands and the visions you create through the lens…god has truly blessed you…you have found your calling. Always looking forward to viewing more of your excellent work!

  3. amber

    wow. there you go…doin’ that ‘thing’ you do… this is a really cool post.


  4. J Sandfier

    This is great stuff Randy, thanks for sharing! I posted one of your images in my Image of the Day…hope you don’t mind.


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