Keeping Up with the Kepples

Whenever I meet someone for the first time and they find out I’m a professional photographer with 3 girls, they always make some comment about how many beautiful pictures I must have of my girls. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true. With one daughter in college, the other graduating high school and another in middle school with a demanding dance schedule, it’s always tough getting everyone together in one room.

Like any parent will say, I have the greatest girls in the world. They truly are amazing— inspiring, intelligent, loving and funny. I am so proud of each and every one of them. However, we are a blended family. His, hers and ours. It’s been a challenge, but we’ve always put our family first in all things. If you’ve followed my blog, you know we always look forward to our summer vacations together and the winter holiday break. Those six weeks are simply the highlight of the year.

One of our annual traditions is the family portrait. I try to practice what I preach to my clients. This year, the girls didn’t want anything formal or casual. They wanted a fashion shoot. I wasn’t exactly thrilled at first because that meant I had to work when I was supposed to be taking time off. But it’s my girls and how can I say no to them?

Randy Kepple Photographs Behind the Scenes of the Holiday Family Portrait

So, I set up white background paper in our dining room, put my camera on a tripod with an electronic cable release and a ring flash for my fashion light. I offer this type of setup for corporate events, parties and wedding receptions. It’s always an energy-filled experience and everyone has a blast. It’s a photo booth on steroids.

We cranked up the music and went crazy. The girls thought it would be funny to jump in the air, playing air guitar and just go crazy. It was easily one of the best family portrait experiences ever. Everyone took a turn working the cable release as we ran around in a circle, jumping in front of the camera in fast succession.

When was the last time your family invested in a professional portrait?

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

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  1. Scott Riggs

    I thought you actually had four daughters when I first looked at the photo.

    I really like these!


  2. Randy

    Thanks Scott! I think you just made my wife’s day! 🙂

  3. Amber

    I love me some Kepples.

    These are super cute. 🙂

  4. Colleen

    What a great set of portraits! Love it. Beautiful family.

  5. Rod

    These are great and I know what you mean about getting them together!

  6. Mat

    Wow, I just realized it has been far too long since I have visited your blog. These family portraits are so fun Randy!

  7. Randy

    Why yes it has been far too long Mr. Mat! How’s the other side of the tracks treating you these days? Still getting yelled at by crazy people walking in off the streets to visit your fine restaurant? 🙂

  8. Mat

    Ha Ha, well yes actually though I’m at a different restaurant just a block away from the last one. It’s the Wild Ginger and you should stop by some time!