Happy Father’s Day!

Nothing surpasses the joy of being a father. I feel blessed having three girls call me father and quite frightened to think that someday they may all get married. On this day, set aside to honor father’s and the contributions they make in the lives of their children, I wish every father a very Happy Father’s Day. And to my own father, a special blessing…nothing can express the love, joy and pride I feel from having you in my life.

My youngest daughter Kaylee (7 years old) presented me with this artistic rendering of her dad for Father’s Day. I’m so proud of her; the color choices and the way she painted the background. Yes, my eyes are green and at one point in my life my hair was brown. These days, it’s more salt and pepper. Attributed, no doubt, in some small way to being a father.

Father's Day 2006

Since my father is halfway across the United States, I thought I’d share a few personal vintage photos. I used to spend time with my grandparents on their farm in Missouri. Here, I’m pictured with my dog Prince at the farm. I remember being afraid that he would eat me.

Randy and Prince

My father was a minister for the Church of Christ. We attended weddings and church on a regular basis. This is a rare photo of my dad from that time. Given that he is wearing a boutonniere and I’m wearing a bow tie, one could assume we were on our way to a wedding. I’m not sure what my dad is thinking, but he sure has a goofy look on his face. I love the way that Prince is looking at him.

Randy, Roger and Prince

My passion for flying and airplanes can be directly attributed to my dad. He was in the Air Force and throughout my childhood, shared with me a passion for flying. One year, for his birthday, my father was given a gift for an Air Combat mission in Fullerton, California. Fighter pilot for a day with complete control of a highly maneuverable acrobatic airplane. You get to perform combat maneuvers and dogfights against an opponent.

My brother and I met my dad in California to support him and watch him fly his mission. We sat in during the briefing and at the end, we were told that we were both going up on a combat mission. My dad surprised my brother and I with an Air Combat mission! It was one of the greatest joys of my life and a day that none of us will ever forget.

My father at his Air Combat mission

My father is a great man and his influence in my life is profound. We are very close and it’s hard to be so far away from him. If you are getting married in Missouri and need a photographer, let me know. I’d love any opportunity to visit my father, share some barbecue and give him a big hug.

To my father-in-law there isn’t much more that I can say that my wife hasn’t already written. In a rare lapse of reason, I encourage you to visit my wife’s blog. There you will find a wonderful entry about her dad and more about me and my family than you’d ever want to know or should read!

From my daughter’s card, I’d like to share this thought, “The wish is very simple and the words are very few, But the thoughts are extra loving for a special dad like you.”

Happy Father’s Day!

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