Advice from Drew — Who Knew?

“And though I’m now miles from what you would call a practicing evangelical, a lot of the teaching I received from that time in my life still sticks with me. After all, good advice is good advice. Doesn’t matter where it comes from. Nowadays I’ll take a spiritual lesson from wherever I get it: Jesus, Buddha or the guy who cuts me off on the 101.” -Drew Carey

It’s refreshing to see celebrities taking it down a notch and sharing a side of themselves that’s very personal, relevant and relatable. I discovered that Drew Carey is blogging. I’m sure with his responsibilities and schedule, it will be less frequent than more, but given the nature of my last post, who am I to judge?

Be inspired, no matter what you do today, no matter where you go. Breathe.

Maui Hawaii Panoramic by Randy Kepple Photographs

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  1. Stunning landscape! Wish I was there right now….

  2. Nothing like Maui… wish I was there right now too!

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